Counselling is a process to help you discover your strengths and come to your own decisions. Ineke often uses a ‘narrative’ approach to work with you and the issues you bring.

Narrative Therapy is an approach that involves :
•  working respectfully alongside clients
•  valuing people’s own knowledge about their lives
•  identifying a person’s strengths and resources
•  helping people separate from problems and difficulties
•  moving away from blame and shame
•  discovering ways to guide life in a preferred direction.

Who is counselling for?
The issues people bring to counselling are many and varied. Ineke gets referrals from ACC (sensitive claims), Family Court, NZAF, Employee Assistance Programme Service Providers, other agencies and private clients as well.
Within that there is custody and access, working with separated parents, marriage counselling, victim support, anger management, drug and alcohol counselling, eating issues, career choices, relationship building … and more.

Counselling is for anyone who has something they want to talk through. In many ways, we can engage in forms of counselling in our everyday lives – in our day-to-day conversations we can help people at times without knowing it. Sometimes, we may find ourselves in a place where we are looking for more than we can get from our friends.
Counsellors aim to work alongside people to make sense of their lives and give them effective tools and ideas to deal with their issues.